Terms and Conditions | JP Meyer Urologist Redcliffe

Terms and Conditions

Dr Meyer's fees are structured in accordance with the Australian Medical Association.

Refund Policy

If at any time a payment is made in error or in excess of the amount stated JP Meyer Urology will contact you to arrange a refund.  If at any time you are unsure of the payment details please contact JP Meyer Urology by email or telephone.


We accept only Australian Dollars for payment purposes.

No GST is added to accounts.


JP Meyer Urology acts a portal to the ANZ Egate facility.  The personal information page is emailed to us to inform us of payment.  Once you have pressed the continue payment button you will be transferred to the secure ANZ Egate payment page.  JP Meyer Urology has no access to this information.


Any personal information may be used for your health care, insurance claim or other matter relating to your health care (at no time is any financial information stored).  Your personal information may be disclosed to other health service providers, a statutory health authority, insurers or other health practitioners.


Once the payment is received a receipt will be sent out from JP Meyer Urology within 7 working days.